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How it Works


We clarify your brand position, message and goals for appearing on podcasts. This will help the Podcast Squad team build out the perfect strategy tailored to you


We will match you with shows that have you infront of your target audience, aligning your message with the right people.


Now it is your time to shine! This is where you will build a loyal, organic audience, eager to follow and or buy from you.

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Why Choose Us


With an exclusive clientele we are able to put our clients on shows with highly engaged audiences. We value the time of our clients and will not place them on shows that will not bring them results.


We are able to put you in front of more people and on more shows than any other booking agency. If you are seeking to be on a high volume of shows then you are in the right place.


When time is of the essence, waiting an extended period of time between bookings can severely hinder your results. We will place you on more shows faster than anyone else.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your service?

Our prices depend solely on your needs. Whether you’re looking to launch a book, or just gain exposure for your brand, we can assure you our prices are reasonable and lower than most other podcast booking services. Apply now to see if you’re a good fit.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if we don’t do what is agreed upon in the contract, we will issue your money back.

What shows will you book me on?

Our team will only book you podcasts with engaged audiences, whom align with your message, etc…

Why should I be on podcasts?

Being on podcasts puts your message in front of an engaged audience eager to hear what you have to say.  You’ll have the chance to monetize the listeners with a call-to-action, driving them to your website, social media pages, etc… In addition to your call-to-action, hosts often post the episodes on their website, greatly improving your SEO.

Do I need to be in a professional studio when being a guest on a show?

No, you do not have to be in a studio for a show recording. We do recommend investing in a professional microphone and webcam webcam to have a higher quality recording.